Group Station Media Center Solution

Targeted at group station, Media Data Center Solution integrates the media featured services including ingesting, editing, distribution, managing and archiving in a media cloud. Based on cloud native and multi-tenant architecture, it provides turnkey solution for the media companies to empower their omni-media business.
The solution covers both traditional media and new media, it also comes up as a convergent content production center, with content gathering, production, management, and distribution; It utilizes cloud desktop system to achieve “production anytime, anywhere”; It supports cost-effective TV program delay playout,IP based backup playout and networked commercial insertion. It has a big data intelligent decision support system serving multiple business and migrated production system for some tenants.

“Central Kitchen” with new closed-loop production

With the convergent content production center as its core, the Central Kitchen serves the news business, as it adopts a news production model with a unified resource view and multiple-channel distribution, while keeping the analysis of the program effect via the big data public opinion system. Central Kitchen adapts the technology to new operating modes of convergent news production for traditional media, enhancing the news task control, coordination, scheduling, tracking, feedback, and analysis, as well as maximizing the operation efficiency of convergent media services.

Intelligent management of resources and services

  • •   Being well aware of business needs, achieving service resource scalability
The solution can fully perceive the needs of the upper-layer applications and automatically realize flexible scaling of resources and services. The status of resources is well monitored, in the peak business period, when the throughput reaches a certain level, Hive will automatically increase the resources for users to meet the growing business needs; while during the idle business period, Hive will automatically shut down and release idle resources to ensure the reasonable use of resources.

Customized service and tool upon unified platform

  • •   Multi-tenant resource control and sharing
The solution leverages the multi-tenant model to control resources of each business unit independently and ensure that each tenant is able to use private space. In the traditional architecture each system has its own resource pool, the exchange between the systems is extremely complex and may requires massive development. The solution allows business units to pick up resources in batches to the shared space, enabling migration of materials among tenants and systems in seconds.
  • •   Multi-tool, multi-service converging, customizable business services
The solution provides standard system interface specifications that enables any manufacturer's tools and services to be integrated via the interface, providing all tenants with unified service capabilities and diversified tool. Each tenant can get customizable modules and tools geared for business operations, which meets the tenants' vision of unified converging of multi-tools and multi-services.