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Media Data Center Solution Empowers National Broadcaster in EU to Fulfil Vision

An influential national broadcaster in central Europe has selected Hive Media Data Center Solution to streamline its workflow for multi-site content sharing, intelligent resource sharing and agile collaboration, based on the future-ready distributed data center architecture.
Who is our customer?
Media Data Center Solution is designed for national-level broadcaster and media group with stations across different cities, requiring enterprise-level content sharing and business agility to prepare for future business development.

What is our challenge?
It’s a big headache for the national broadcaster to manage the business silos. What they need is a common IT platform to enhance the multi-site content sharing, resource sharing, efficient collaboration, extending from traditional production to converged production. Moreover, they expect to move to UHD/IP workflow to promote competitiveness.

Why choose Sobey?
“Hive will enable us to be much more agile; the advantage of a web based production tool allowing us to share materials between different regional entities immediately whilst only ingesting content once.” Comments CTO of the technical service provider for the national broadcaster.
Sobey’s Hive solution adopts Cloud-native architecture based on micro-services, offering the unprecedented flexibility, scalability. It is exactly what they are looking for, build upon distributed data center, which is a unified content platform for content and resource sharing, facilitating the seamless collaborative production.
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