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The Full End-to-End 4K Networking Broadcast System @ Pyeongchang 2018

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held between 9 and 25 February 2018. Sobey will empower CCTV to broadcast the event with the 1st 4K networking broadcast system. At 13:30 PM(Korean Time), 3 February, Sports Express live broadcasted the events in Pyeongchang, so that International Broadcast Centre(IBC) made its debut.

After ten-day deployment of the 4K networking broadcast system, it enabled the independent 4K/HD whole production workflow in Pyeongchang studio, including distribution and interaction with new media client; while supporting the synchronizing collaborative production with CCTV in Beijing.
4K/HD Ingest


4K networking broadcast system supports the high-res clip for 4K/HDR production, and proxy clip for archiving in the front of Pyeongchang studio. Moreover, it enables real-time coding of TS stream file for real-time monitoring and proxy editing in the backend of Beijing studio, catering for the ingest demand both in front and backend of international events.
4K/HD Edit


Able to edit while ingest, generating XAVC content, the system supports the craft editing such as HDR, high-frame, mixed editing for journalist in the front, quickly making a sports or news program.
4K Publish

During the event, the finished clips can be published to IPTV directly, that 4K file-based playout becomes a reality.
Converged Production
The 4K networking broadcast system is geared for the trend of converged production, able to shoot video by mobile phones at anywhere and anytime, upload the clip, and live broadcast the event. The new media can be regarded as a supplement to TV coverage. We can design interaction function in APP and social media, that customers can be involved by voting or adding comments.
As the full end-to-end 4K networking broadcast system enabling the whole workflow from ingest, editing, playout and storage, it shows the new practice in field broadcast system, 4K/HDR two-channel ingest, multi-tier editing while ingesting, four-channel 4K playout with multi-format, double backup archiving.