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Again! Game Changer for real project!

CCTV integrated global cloud news production system (Sobey+CCTV) won Game Changer Award 2017 granted by IABM. 

“Delivers both TV and web without additional input/resources and is proven and in use in key venues worldwide.”   
 An innovative news media platform built on a hybrid cloud architecture, Sobey’s CCTV integrated global cloud news production system uniquely consolidates traditional TV broadcasting and Internet media. The system starts with production anywhere on through to distribution giving a complete global reach.
This hybrid cloud architecture-based platform has private cloud nodes deployed in Beijing, Washington DC and London joining up with public cloud platforms in Beijing, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe. These together build an integrated global production platform, making it possible to produce and release news anytime, anywhere.
This system greatly improves production efficiency as it has effectively integrated CCTV’s high-quality TV program editing platforms with its Internet media platforms joining together branches and journalist stations from all over the world.

About Sobey
As a professional broadcast solution provider, Sobey continually innovates technology to maximize the content value of our customers from facility to cloud. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Sobey sets up R&D Center in Chengdu and Beijing, leading an innovative R&D team of over 300 engineers. Sales branches and trusted partners all over China enable Sobey to provide 7x24 service support for our domestic customers. 
Over the past 20 years, Sobey is dedicated to becoming a world-class media technology provider, with heavy investment in tech sector (over 10% of annual sales revenue). The unremitting heavy tech investment scores so well that Sobey independently develops core technologies like file management system and data base, breaks through key technology of news sharing production system, as well as develops playout server and management software in studios. Until now, Sobey has obtained 40 patents, 424 software copyrights, and won influential awards such as First Prize of State Science and Technology Advancement Award, etc. The powerful technology innovation allows Sobey to enjoy remarkable performance in news, sports and TV shows. 
Following the media landscape and cloud technology development, China Media Cloud was co-founded by Sobey and Alibaba.  Together with our cooperative partners, we conduct deep research in big data, cloud computing for omni-media . From facility to cloud, Sobey is exploring innovative solution to move service modules or even the whole workflow to cloud. In that case, the rules of media business are likely to be changed in a revolutionary way. Sobey will as always play the role of delivering innovative solutions to our customers.