Sobey Contributes to Your Cloud Benefits

Sobey, with rich experiences in media solution from content gathering, management, production and distribution in China and international market, keeps growing together with our customers and always on top of the wave of new technologies in both media and internet industry. Innovation in technology and improve our customer value proposition is our vision and competitiveness strength.
By working with our media customers, we understand the strong need to achieve business agility with less TCO as a whole industry shift trend. The maturity of cloud service in the market give both customer and Sobey the right place to work on.
Thanks to many valuable business practice in the industry, we are ready to take bigger steps to make our customer work in a more flexible and cost effective CAPEX approach. We could deploy the system on private and/or many popular public cloud infrastructures, utilize the cloud with benefit of agile resource usage, full salability and bullet-proof security protection.
Talking cloud is simple, but only effective practice may work out the real cloud based solution in media business to make use the best value of cloud service. We have been continuously  working with lots of media customers including China national broadcaster, major provincial broadcasters and even very influential international media companies. From those practice, we overcome many issues related with video process performances, workflow efficiency, user operation experience and importantly, the cloud resources cost management. On the other hand, deep cooperation with cloud service provider is another key for business. We have established firm partnership with key service providers in both China and international market, with that, the best utilization of infrastructure and on-the-shelf services could be achieved to optimize the total solution performance, resilience, security, serviceability and deployment efficiency.
On cloud, we could also easily benefit from other hot technologies including AI and Big Data. Knowing customers pain point, by Integrating with appropriate AI and Big Data services, we are able to make great improvement to customer workflow efficiency and business intelligence.
Innovative video technology, workflow understanding, practice on cloud with customer and partner will lead Sobey to focus more on cloud to help our customer maximize the content value.