Omni-media News/Sports Production Solution

Hive is an omni-media network production system with an advanced scalable platform based upon Hyper Convergent Node technology. It is predominantly a News & sports production system providing end-to-end, ingest to playout, content and workflow management benefiting from speed, easy integration, and unparalleled flexibility.
Meeting the critical challenges in real-world news/sports production

Hive is a next-generation news production solution designed to answer the key questions facing
today’s news organisations. Questions such as:
• How do you publish breaking stories when the content supplier may be a member of the public?
• How do you deal with the massive live sports clips?
• How do you deliver more content in more destinations with fewer resources in the right formats?
• How do you attract and retain audiences (and your audiences’ audiences)?
• How do you respond rapidly to changes in business demand?
• How do you optimise costs and avoid inflexible capex investments?

How HIVE works

Hive has the answer. Hive streamlines news production, enabling optimized workflows through:
• Seamlessly integrating critical third-party tools
• Delivering flexible file management
• And offering fast, easy to use embedded applications

How will you benefit?

With Hive, you’ll get:
• Fast internet-first workflows that keep pace with the latest trends in digital content
• Streamlined operational efficiency that eliminates bottlenecks
• A dynamic on-demand system for scaling and functionality enabling both capex and opex opportunities
• A recognised universal toolset custom designed for journalists
• Optimised asset repurposing for maximum reach
• Proven, tested and future-proofed ROI
• Dashboard-driven operational visibility for enabling more informed decisions
• Simplified live upgrade processes, reducing downtime and ensuring the latest functionality is fully available
• The ability to outsource commodity IT – choose either datacenter or on-premise or a hybrid of both

The experience to make a difference

We work with forward-thinking news providers the world over to help them build on the foundations of their current NRCS – expanding and integrating their capabilities in a way that makes sense for how they operate. We can do this because we have decades of experience delivering robust, intuitive news production systems that enable journalists to focus on what really matters – reporting the story.
As a result, we can help you understand the steps you’ll need to take to move forward. And we can show you how to cost-effectively evolve your operations without compromising your ability to deliver.

Four reasons to choose HIVE

01 Hive enables you to integrate and streamline the entire news production toolset.
02 Your journalists will get intuitive web-based applications allowing them to access everything they need from a single location.
03 Hive has been architected from the ground up on high performance, enterprise-class datacenter technologies.
04 With Hive, you can scale down as well as up to fit business demand, enabling you to get the resources you need while better managing costs.