Sobey's experience of application and innovation in media industry is continually enriched over the past 20 years. As a media expert, Sobey has been the industry leader in Chinese market. To lead the way to expand media business worldwide, Sobey International Business Group (IBG) was founded in 2008, and started working with SONY to explore the globe market. As the result of over 10 years' development, IBG has made great success in the media industry worldwide, by providing network based news production systems and service for over 80 influential customers. More than that, IBG today is equipped with professional teams covering marketing, planning, design, and service, as well as dedicated R&D and QA. Nowadays, collaborating with our technical team, Sobey IBG has started to explore the cutting-edge technology in cloud and delivers clouds-native solution, which is not only being recognized by the international peers, but also winning a series of influential international awards like “Game Changer” in NAB.
Based on which, Sobey, working with our international partners, provides state-of-the-art and open solution in news, sports and post-production, as well as abundant products and technologies. Owing to the persistent pursuit of innovation, Sobey has released Omni-media solution supporting our customers from the traditional TV to all media business including new media and social media, while advancing the technology to support IT development and hybrid cloud platform. Being an international media expert, Sobey also provides comprehensive business consulting and service, including business planning, technical proposal and platform design, etc.
Media industry is experiencing revolutionary changes with each passing day, while Sobey is a determined challenger to go with the ever-changing trend. Heading for a world-class media technology pioneer, Sobey is ambitious to popularize the cutting-edge technologies and products in media industry worldwide. Facilities and cloud, Sobey continually innovate technology to maximize the performance of content business. As a result of which, the global media industry will benefit from Sobey's efficient and agile production and distribution.



Notes: Sony Media Backbone Hive (powered by Sobey) won the above awards in 2016.



The 1st Public Cloud based Production Solution @2018

Global content production platform on public cloud
•        Solution based on AWS
•        Micro service design
•        System auto-scaling
•        Content global sharing
•        Editing anytime and anywhere
•        Adobe Premiere proxy edit based on AWS S3
•        Adobe Media Encoder render on AWS

Medical university in US@2017

The content production platform serves 2 campuses by 2 physical systems connecting together. It provides the management of medical video courseware, as well as recording, editing and publishing.
•        Unified content platform: multi-site content sharing and management
•        Seamless integration of Adobe Premiere: agile content sharing and training cost down
•        Efficient web-editor and web CM: empower students to learn courses anytime and anywhere

The 1st European broadcaster moving to 'online first' news operation@2017

Enable the customer to support the quick, efficient creation of content for Internet, social and broadcast applications alike, so its journalists can concentrate on the most important factor of their job, storytelling.
•        “Much more agile than we were before, as we’ll have the ability to quickly ingest, share, edit and publish any content to any platform”
•        “This is particularly significant in today’s ‘always on’ journalism environment, where the appetite for 24/7 news and diversity of broadcast content means we need to be prepared to deliver content in multiple formats across multiple platforms”

Sports News Production system @2017

The provided solution helps customer to distributed News to TV and Social Media from one platform and provides flexible and scalable Hyperconverged node
•        Faster replay workflow while recording
•        Rich metadata End to End workflow for sports program
•        Editing-Playout on “fly” (during ingesting)
•        Tight Integration with Adobe Premiere /After Effects
•        Full HD Capability for news production and post-production

Government Archive system in US@2015

The Archive system enable the precious content management and long-term archiving. From ingesting, searching, catalogue, management to archive.
•        XAVC 4K supported: keeping the original file format for best quality.
•        Sony ODA long term archive: archive the contents for more than 50 years.
•        File Agnostic: support any type of content, from video, audio, image to document, project, etc.

Full HD News Production System in Hong Kong@2014

Migrate from SD system to a total HD tapeless workflow, transform the overall workflow of its newsroom – from ingest, editing, playout to archiving – and fully migrate to a file based workflow using XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX formats
•        Wide range of commonly-used file formats
•        Easily upload vital news content via the Internet to their central storage
•        On-air faster, more efficiently, and in high quality
•        Flexibility and scalability for further expansion

A Famous Regional Local TV station in South Europe@2014

The system size is quite huge and customer invited other broadcasters to visit very proudly
•        Content platform:  Efficient content sharing and management
•        Seamless integration with Invenio: Legacy materials were utilized smoothly
•        Integration with ORAD: Powerful CG production and playout capability
•        Customized metadata and cataloguing tool: Various 3rd party clip exchange and content management workflow

News Production/MAM System @2014

The provided solution is an entire solution including news production system / post production system / MAM and Master Control management system and over 70 editors
•        Full HD Capability for news production and post-production
•        Strong metadata management from planning to archive
•        Tight integration with 3rd party system for master control and archive
•        Collaborative working and content sharing across multiple channel 

1st project in East Europe@2013

Over 30+ concurrent editing for post-production with power of proxy for editing and delivery internet contents.
•        None media files management for internet/post production
•        Advanced live logging tools for smart metadata handling
•        Strong metadata management from planning to playout
•        Multiple types of subtitle files handling and editing by editors
•        Full end archive and retrieve workflows
•        Multiple formats output for internet and magazines

The Harmonized Enterprise News & Sports Production Systems in Swiss @2012

All regional stations use the same system for News and Sports production, sharing all video and audio content cross all channels.
•        Multi-site connection to enable the content sharing between all regions and stations.
•        Remote production workflow
•        On-air faster, more efficiently, and in high quality
•        Make the customer succeed in the EUFA and Olympics

Sports Event Solution for 2012 London Olympics in London @2012

It is the extended usage of the solution for 2011 EUFA with bigger scale. In total, more than 20 channels are in use with average more than 8 hours contents for each channel per day.
By utilizing the solution comparing the traditional way to do the event:
•        More than Million euros saving
•        More productive output

1st project in North Europe@2012

Regional TV Station in Copenhagen
•        Tightly integrate with ENPS and Vizrt from planning to playout automation system
•        Panel integration with editor to provide quicker and more convenient operations to Journalist and craft editors
•        End to end ingest to playout and archive workflows 

Sports News Production system @2012

The Sports production system serves customer delivering to over 4 million homes throughout the country.
•        Full HD Capability for news production and post-production
•        Rich metadata End to End workflow for sports program
•        Editing-Playout on “fly” (during ingesting)
•        Tight integration with ENPS and Vizirt for sports programing
•        Unified viewer for online and nearline/offline contents management 

Large Scale HD News Production System in Japan@2010

Large scale HD News production with ingest, edit, playout and archive workflow
•        Over 50 channels SDI HD ingest
•        Support 25 craft editors and 25 proxy editors simultaneously
•        Frame Chase Editing and Fast to on Air

Flyaway production system for Beijing Olympics in Beijing @2008

The compact flyaway production system is set up in Olympics IBC for the customer to produce the news report for Beijing Olympics. During Olympics time, more than 80% news is produced and broadcasted from the system with full HD
•        Full HD production and OA
•        All build in from ingest to playout
•        Flight case design to make the system easy transportation

Full HD Sports News production in France @2007

Over 50+ concurrent editing for news production with power of proxy.
•        Editing-Playout on “fly” (during ingesting)
•        Full proxy workflow to fundamentally reduce the system load
•        Strong metadata management from planning to archive
•        Full MOS compatible to seamlessly integrate with NRCS and playout automation