Cloud Production Solution

An innovative news media platform built on a hybrid cloud architecture, Cloud Collaboration Content Platform Solution integrating global cloud news production system uniquely consolidates traditional TV broadcasting and Internet media. The solution starts with production anywhere on through to distribution giving a complete global reach.

This hybrid cloud architecture-based platform has private cloud nodes deployed across countries in demand. These together build an integrated global production platform, making it possible to produce and release news anytime, anywhere.
This system greatly improves production efficiency as it has effectively integrated high-quality TV program editing platforms with its Internet media platforms joining together branches and journalist stations from all over the world.

This very innovative solution enables global coverage, production and distribution. One of its distinctive features is that it highly integrates traditional TV broadcasts and Internet media. Its main services cover.

Global news collaborative production

This new solution provides unified resource sharing for journalists and correspondents across the world. True collaborative production is now possible with the headquarters, regional stations and right down to journalist stations and traveling correspondents. Everyone has access to the same selected topics, scripts and video content and enjoy efficient services from anywhere, no matter where they are, through the global deployment of cloud nodes.

TV and Internet media production on unified platform

•        Workflow Integration of TV and Internet media
Traditional TV production is known for powerful network of channels while Internet media production is much more flexible, fast and diverse. Having workflow integration enables TV and Internet media editors to complete content production and reports with the same theme by using the same platform. More surprisingly, in some cases they have even combined TV producers with Internet media producers saving on human resources and improved the news reporting efficiency.

•        Unified media content support platform
Traditional TV media and Internet media have a lot in common but also their unique characteristics in content collection and management. Through a unified platform, the solution integrating global cloud news production system provides a media content support platform featuring consistent views, which serves TV and Internet media at the same time, provides consistent data and essence for both of them, offering unified searching, production and distribution tools. The key technology is the deployment of global cloud nodes enabling news producers from all over the world can get the content they need quickly and effectively without geographical and spatial confines.

•        News production anytime, anywhere via Internet
A unified content platform will now dramatically change traditional TV program production, allowing more and more journalist and editors to choose topics and edit scripts and programs on-line through their mobile devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets anytime, anywhere. For journalists and correspondents active in different parts of the world, this will break the geographical restrictions as long as Internet access is available.

Internet Media integrated production and distribution

The platform consolidates various content collection and distribution business, including UGC and PGC collection platforms, and offers support for mobile apps to meet the requirements of multi-screen distribution in addition to TV screen distribution. With such integration, traditional TV audiences will not be confused by different information from various devices anymore. Social media interactions with studios will now closely tie in with traditional TV programs regardless of the audience.