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Cloud Production Prepares You for Future

Cloud is representing the future of media industry. According to IABM market research report, cloud service/technology ranking #1 is a major milestone for media industry sector. Sobey is always riding on the wave of cloud business development. So far, 2 of top news agencies have selected Sobey to enhance their cloud capacity with cloud-based global news collaboration production platform. Serving as Media Expert in Cloud, Sobey is continuously exploring innovative solution in cloud.

Who is our customer?
Our Cloud solution is designed for global news agency and media group with geographically independent news bureaus or branch offices globally, who is desired of global content sharing and collaborative production.

What is our challenge?
The news agencies are plagued by significant cost pressure arose from office leasing, equipment purchasing and maintenance, as well as the 上business demand of global content sharing and instant collaboration.
The customers are looking for efficient and cost-effective operation in public cloud to lower total cost and facilitate global production.

Why choose Sobey?

Sobey’s Hive solution adopts Cloud-native architecture based on micro-services, offering the unprecedented flexibility and scalability. Moreover, our customer are attracted by the optimized Cloud based production workflow with production tools built for public cloud.

Sobey is the only vendor in China honored as “Competency Partner in Media Industry” of Amazon Web Service. We keep ourselves catch with the latest cloud technology from AWS, and apply the suitable ones in our Hive solution, to best adapt the rapid development in cloud production.

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